Hanson week 1 (of 18) comes to a close!

Erin was very badass and made me drop her off in town on the way back yesterday so she could get her easy 3 in. She is incredible!! This morning the training called for an easy 4. We were both tired after the lighthouse walk yesterday but did this run together this morning. I love… Continue reading Hanson week 1 (of 18) comes to a close!

Hanson continued, week 1

Hanson method continues! I got out and did 3 easy miles. As the book suggested, I’m letting the Hanson plan catch up to my current training. It said if you’re going to get extra miles in to make them easy miles. I like that! Easy runs are so enjoyable. I think I’ve overtrained in the… Continue reading Hanson continued, week 1

Runnin’ P-Town!

The first week of the Hanson method starts with a little mileage. Erin and I are doing the beginner training plan. I’ve debated the advanced in my head but I don’t think I can commit the amount of time needed. Also, I want to train with my beautiful wife! We’ll be doing our own pace… Continue reading Runnin’ P-Town!