The results!!!

I didn’t mean to post this a week late. I finished up my last week of training as best I could (I had a calf muscle pull so I ended up taking an additional rest day) and then completed the New Bedford Half on March 20th. I was so used to training in the cold… Continue reading The results!!!

Fri/Sat/Sun catch up … End of week 17

It’s all easy miles here on out. Just finished up week 17 with a run at Town Farm with Erin, the love of my life. I got 11 in between Friday and Saturday and got my 8 done today. One short week to go! The run is Sunday at 11am!

Tues/Wed/Thurs catch up

Catching y’all up on this week so far: Tuesday: Got my SOS run in… 1.5 mile warm up, 4×1 mile repeats, 1.5 mile cool down walk/run … Kept well below 9 min pace comfortably for the repeats. Wednesday: Rest day, which I definitely needed. Today: I didn’t get out until after 4pm (it’s been a… Continue reading Tues/Wed/Thurs catch up

Final long run, two weeks to go!

We took my Dad out belatedly for his birthday last night. I had too much salt, dessert, and dairy and I feel bloated today in my upper abdomen, which messes up my breathing. If I can eat clean the next two weeks I think I’ll be OK for the New Bedford half. This was very… Continue reading Final long run, two weeks to go!

Friday and Saturday catch up

Got my easy runs in Friday and Saturday. I was supposed to do 5 Friday but only had time for 4.25. I compensated by doing 7. Saturday, which was supposed to be a 6. 12 long next. We’ll see how that goes! ❤️🏃


Catching y’all up… My calf muscle is all healed up! That feels great. My ab muscle is still a mess, but doesn’t seem to affect my running as far as motion goes. It’s just sore. So I got my strength run in on Tuesday. It was very hard after my injuries and the binge eating… Continue reading surprised

trying to get motivation back

I haven’t posted in a while. Training has been real off for me since the gallstone. I ended up getting a couple miles in on Thursday the 17th and then Erin and I went on our trip. I ate like a pig, put on 10+ lbs, and have been having a hard time since then… Continue reading trying to get motivation back

end of wk 13 and tough start to wk 14

Catching you up on the past few days…The weather was particularly uncooperative on Sunday. In lieu of long run, Erin and I hiked 10+ snow miles. I’m planning on taking a rest day Monday for the remainder of this training. It has been a lot and I feel this will work for me. In a… Continue reading end of wk 13 and tough start to wk 14