Half Marathon PR!

Today’s inspiration:

I heard it said recently about a situation that “it’s so tough because they just don’t listen”. It made me think about how many times I don’t listen, mostly to myself. What is my body telling me today? What is my mind doing? Am I motivated today to accomplish what I need to personally and professionally?

I’ve learned that it’s not really about this mystical idea of motivation. For me, it’s about consistency and discipline. Some days I’ll run faster than others. Some days I’ll be way more productive at work than others. The goal is to keep moving forward and trying to improve and that, for me, comes from that consistent discipline. It all adds up over time.

I recently had to listen to my body and mind. I got sick with a bad cold the week before the Newport 10 miler and had to make the tough decision to skip it. It was the right choice but it’s still tough for me because I’m stubborn. I was totally bummed about it. On a whim, I signed up for the Bristol Independence Half so I could see where I’m at in my training.

Today was a good day where my hard work came together! PR for a half! I can’t believe I broke 1:50!

Shouts out to my personal team:
My beautiful wife, Erin, who supports me and my craziness. She left me the most amazing card in the car this morning and it meant the world to me.

My nutritionist, Kelly. All this protein has definitely helped me build muscle! This run felt the best of any I’ve done.

Our meal prepper, Jamirse. Having healthy meals available has been a game changer in my life!

My mental/spiritual coach, Lynda. Keeping my mental focus, doing my best, and not being tied to any particular outcome has left me with a great outcome!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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