Today’s inspirational post is about forgiveness.

I’ve had a hard time letting go of some anger and resentment. It makes me reflect on forgiveness, and what that actually is and what it means. Forgiveness, in many ways, is a combination of acceptance and letting go. Forgiveness frees me from the confines I’ve created. It doesn’t mean I’m going to forget or excuse what’s been done, but it is about finding peace with it.

I’ve got to look at it from the other’s perspective.

I’ve got to accept that it’s okay I feel hurt.

I’ve got to forgive myself for my part in the situation.

I’ve got to let it go – release it to the universe.

Understanding is better than being understood.

Love is better than hate.

Compassion is better than conflict.

Empathy is better than anger.

Is there someone or something in your life where forgiveness will help? If so, I’m hoping you can reflect on it and take action.

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