Tues/Wed/Thurs catch up

5 tempo miles, comfortable

Catching y’all up on this week so far:

Tuesday: Got my SOS run in… 1.5 mile warm up, 4×1 mile repeats, 1.5 mile cool down walk/run … Kept well below 9 min pace comfortably for the repeats.

Wednesday: Rest day, which I definitely needed.

Today: I didn’t get out until after 4pm (it’s been a busy work week) and I saw my mind wandering to skipping this… The LAST of the SOS runs… I couldn’t let that happen and reluctantly got out. I shortened my warm up run to 1.1 miles because of the lack of motivation. I didn’t push it on this and kept a fairly comfortable pace. I pushed the last mile a little. So… I know I can keep this pace for 5. How will this all play out next Sunday?

Anyways… I got this last SOS run done!!! It’s all easy mileage until race day now.

Wow. This has been hard. I’ve been fairly consistent except for the two weeks that had injury and vacation… Let’s hope I can close this out strong and have a good performance at the race!!


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