6 tempo

Catching y’all up… My calf muscle is all healed up! That feels great. My ab muscle is still a mess, but doesn’t seem to affect my running as far as motion goes. It’s just sore.

So I got my strength run in on Tuesday. It was very hard after my injuries and the binge eating I’d been doing. But I pushed through and did the paces I could… 1.5 mile warm, 4×1.5 mile repeats (started at 8:30’s and ended around 9:40’s … Not exactly where I wanted to be but it’s where I was), 1.5 mi total cool down walk/jog.

Today I was dreading trying to pick up the tempo runs. The most I’d done was 5 tempo. So today was 1.5 mi warm up, 6 mile tempo, 1.5 mi cool down. I procrastinated until late in the day and said, finally, “get it done! You don’t have a lot of training time left!”

Somehow, I managed rarely comfortable 8:19 pace. I slowed my cadence a little and had just a touch longer stride length. This made all the difference for me. Super psyched on this unexpected result!


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