trying to get motivation back

I haven’t posted in a while. Training has been real off for me since the gallstone. I ended up getting a couple miles in on Thursday the 17th and then Erin and I went on our trip.

I ate like a pig, put on 10+ lbs, and have been having a hard time since then cooling the eating down. I have had zero motivation to run.

We did keep active on our trip. We show shoed twice, cross country 🎿’d and got some good walking in when the car broke down.

Unfortunately, I injured my left calf xc skiing and then just the other night I somehow pulled a muscle in my left abdomen which really hurt yesterday, but isn’t as bad today.

Anyways … Blah blah blah. Trials and tribulations. Zero running motivation. Blah blah blah.

The New Bedford Half is three weeks away. I’ve got to return to my training. I at least beat the ghost in my head today and got a couple miles in. I might do more later…


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