long 12 Sunday and catching you up on Fri/Sat

12 long

I had to listen to my body this week. It didn’t give me a choice. Lol.

I’m glad to have pushed through training this week. I did what I could.

Friday and Saturday I got my easy mileage in. Very very very easy mileage. 5 Friday walk/run intervals, 6 Saturday mostly walking. I truly needed the recovery for my right calf muscle.

It’s been so hard to find the motivation lately. The weather has been a huge factor in hurting the motivation. Snow. Rain. Freezing rain. Ice storm. Cold and windy. Cold.

I keep reminding myself that training under these conditions is preparing me well. I’m looking forward to the nicer weather.

12 long today. Kept a 9:06 pace fairly comfortably, even with my calf still a tiny bit irritated and my legs and body still tired. This cumulative fatigue is no joke. I feel it!

This has been a mess of a training week but ending on a strong one.


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