End of week 10

Ocean Drive sunrise
12 long

My legs felt pretty tired this morning. I know that is the whole concept of this training program so I accepted and got out to do what my body will allow. It was dark when I got out with some ice so I was a little tentative at the start. I also felt fatigue on the uphills around miles 7 through 9, not to mention feeling like I had to pee miles 3-5 and then feeling like I was going to crap my pants if I wasn’t careful miles 6-9.

I shut off all feedback except for single mile reminders. No cadence or split pace feedback. I just wanted to feel this run and went at a little above my comfortable pace this morning.

I’ve had some real great long runs well below pace and other not so great runs well above pace. Today was in between. I was about 12 seconds off pace. I’ll take it because there was no physical or mental quit in me, even with the fatigue and tired legs. I also got up at 5am so I could get this done before other commitments. All in all, I’m proud of this.


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