Training 1/3 complete! 6 weeks done!!

4 easy in the snow
5 easy
9 easy with the shoe tips!

I’m catching you up on the Holidays. I didn’t miss a training run!

Friday Erin and I ran in the snow! I had to go slower so I didn’t slip and fall but I got my 4 easy in. I better get used to snow and ice running with the winter here now.

Saturday I got up early and got my Christmas 5 easy in before the kids came over for presents.

Today I got my 9 in. I used my new Christmas Under Armour shoes. They gave me tips on cadence and it made me faster. I’m glad to know I can be in the right range and have a decent stride length. I for sure thought my form and stats would be off the wall. This is all very encouraging!!


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