Runnin’ P-Town!

My current speed run

The first week of the Hanson method starts with a little mileage. Erin and I are doing the beginner training plan. I’ve debated the advanced in my head but I don’t think I can commit the amount of time needed. Also, I want to train with my beautiful wife! We’ll be doing our own pace but it will be nice that we’re doing the same workouts!

Anyways … The book said if you’re already doing more mileage than the plan to keep up what you’re doing until the plan catches up to me. I haven’t been doing crazy mileage per week but I’ve been consistent.

So, I did my current speed workout today.15 minute warm up, 20 second sprints followed by 3 minutes of jog repeat 10.

Great workout this morning up in P-Town!


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