Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler

Letting go of perfectionism has been such a freeing thing. With what a mess my life used to look like it’s hard to believe perfectionism played any role. However, during my hardest times I was plagued by knowing I wasn’t going to do anything perfectly, which means failure, and getting paralyzed in indecision or drinking… Continue reading Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler

Courtney Roderick Run for Recovery – a great cause!

Have I been training hard or hardly training? Both, really. I think I may have learned the importance of rest for recovery. I used to just go go go through all injury and go all out every run but not so much anymore. This training cycle, on top of all the different workouts I’ve been… Continue reading Courtney Roderick Run for Recovery – a great cause!

Half Marathon PR!

Today’s inspiration: I heard it said recently about a situation that “it’s so tough because they just don’t listen”. It made me think about how many times I don’t listen, mostly to myself. What is my body telling me today? What is my mind doing? Am I motivated today to accomplish what I need to… Continue reading Half Marathon PR!

Fort Barton Art Gallery!

Do you enjoy Fort Barton and Highland Woods? FIND THE PAINTINGS!! I love painting. I love outside. I love the woods. I love Tiverton. Here are the paintings and their locations! There are 7 paintings placed (not quite hidden) in Fort Barton and Highland Woods. All of the paintings are abstract sun themes. Find a… Continue reading Fort Barton Art Gallery!


Today’s inspirational post is about forgiveness. I’ve had a hard time letting go of some anger and resentment. It makes me reflect on forgiveness, and what that actually is and what it means. Forgiveness, in many ways, is a combination of acceptance and letting go. Forgiveness frees me from the confines I’ve created. It doesn’t… Continue reading Forgive

Artwork Website Live, Book Available!

Please check out: You can see my 7 year journey of sunrises! You can check out the new hardcover 250 page coffee table book “Sobering Sunrises” in addition to being able to purchase limited edition (only 25 per photo) framed sunrise phoos. Here’s a little bit about the book: Hello and welcome! Sunrises have… Continue reading Artwork Website Live, Book Available!

New Bedford 1 Year Later

I got away from updating this blog and social media and all of that over the past year. However, I’ve still been hard at work! Last year the race was too hot. This year I felt it was too cold. It was more the wind that knocked the heck out of me. I was keeping… Continue reading New Bedford 1 Year Later

So Much Coming Soon!

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while! I took some serious time off from social media (and may still) and haven’t posted anything here in a while. There’s been a lot going on. I did that thing I do where I put back on 50+ lbs during some stressful times last summer. I’ve since completely recommitted… Continue reading So Much Coming Soon!